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Sasko Bakeries has always been about fresh. And now we’ve got a fresh new look. The same great tasting goodness you love and trust, now in bright and bold new packaging.

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Sasko Bakeries has a rich history of baking knowledge and experience that dates back to the early 1930's. Our 18 bakeries are distributed throughout South Africa with bakeries in the Cape (3), Gauteng (4), Limpopo (6), Free State (2), Natal (2) and Eastern Cape (1). CLICK HERE to view locations on a map.

This geographical distribution of bakeries not only makes Sasko Bakeries the biggest role player in the South African bread market, but also makes it a truly national player in the industry.

Apart from bread, Sasko Bakeries also produce rolls and buns in three confectionery plants that supply a large portion of South Africa's fast food business on a national basis.

Benchmarking on world-class standards, Sasko Bakeries not only maintained its plants over the years, but also invested in the most advanced baking technology.

All our major bakeries make use of the latest pressure vacuum mixers to improve water absorption and ensure a fresher product. The latest four piecing dough moulding technology is also used at the high volume bakeries to improve the cell structure, texture and spreadibility of our loaves. Conditioned cooling is also used to prevent excessive moisture loss to enhance the critical fresh baked feel and extend the shelf life of our breads.

To ensure the highest possible safety standards and compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Sasko Bakeries uses a number of service providers and external safety audits. Furthermore, to reduce the risk of any form of contamination in our products, Sasko Bakeries established a Bakeries Food Safety Committee to coordinate the setting and attaining of standards for Good Manufacturing Practices at all our bakeries. This is the base on which the implementation of HAPPC will be achieved in future.

Our intensive knowledge of the South African bread market and consumers' insight in the bread category ensures that we provide a customised offering to our valued customers and end consumers.

Our marketing approach supports a long-term brand-building strategy, whilst supporting sales strategically. The marketing strategy allows for a differentiated approach in the various market segments and allows for geographical differences. This is aligned with our strategy of producing and selling a diversified bread product basket, addressing the need of all our consumers.

Our vision at Sasko bakeries is to continue to be the market leader in the South African bread industry through product innovation, technology, and a motivated work force that delivers service levels and products that continues to attract and retain loyal customers and end consumers.